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The minute to tap the Philippine furniture market is now

The Philippine economy is a thundering train and it is about time for the Nordic design and furniture business to obtain on board, Joni Koro, task manager at Nordic Business Council Philippines and creator of GR N Design Solutions, says.

The large amount of new office, retail and residential advancements is staggering. I have lived in Malaysia, Mainland China and Taiwan in the past, this is something I haven’t seen anywhere before, the Finnish Manila-resident states.

With a yearly growth of around 6 percent, the island state is among the world s fastest growing economies.

The construction boom is huge and in 2015 Metro Manila taped the highest premium workplace take-up in history on 459,000 square meters. Comparable take-up of premium workplace is expected likewise for 2016.

Naturally this produces an excellent demand for furniture and design companies to furnish the workplace.

A great deal of multinational workplaces are opening in Manila, and they are looking for sustainable quality furniture and prepare to pay the rate for it, so the time to tap into the marketplace is now, Joni Koro informs.

Why simply now?

Well if you ask me, in fact we’re currently late. It’s like when discussing China, the best time to get into the market was 5 years back, however the 2nd best is now and this also opts for the Philippines, the Finnish business owner states.

Philippines have actually really been flying under the radar in the Nordic region. There s a huge capacity here, especially since the last 6 years have actually been the best in the Philippine history.

Battling the US and European design.

When Joni Koro says, that the Scandinavian engagement on the furniture market is already late, it’s partly because more American and some European furniture business have already beaten the gun and invested heavily in the Philippine market.

As the market is now American contract furniture companies like Steelcase, are the most significant rivals on the market for quality Scandinavian offering, but more European business has actually permeated or are to permeate the furniture market.

Another reason why it is a good idea for the Scandinavians to use the marketplace is that the name of the cold north is currently hot in the Philippines.

The principle of Scandinavian design and quality is relatively popular in the Philippines, but the offering is mostly limited to local mockups which seldom measure up to the Nordic requirements, Joni Koro states.

Why is Scandinavia and the Philippines a match?

If you ask Joni Koro there are a number of reasons why Scandinavian furniture and the Filipino market need to be an effective match.

The most considerable reason is a rising interest for green awareness and thus a demand for sustainable and eco-friendly furniture, particularly at the international offices, which represents the most likely buyers for Scandinavian furniture. This demand fits like a glove with what Scandinavian furniture is popular for.

The green motion is absolutely getting stronger in the Philippines. Taking a look at the brand-new office building designers, more and more of them are making an application for the United States Green Building Council s LEED certification for their brand-new structures, he states.

The certificate works like a seal of approval that your office is eco-friendly and of course offers the company a good name and a chance to price the square meters higher in a country where electricity rate is one of the highest in Asia. Joni Koro informs.

The accreditations have actually become highly popular. I think out of the 80 upcoming high-end office buildings, roughly 30 have already requested the certificate. These are the structures the multinationals likewise wish to be located in.

One method to attain higher level in accreditation is picking a green furniture supplier, as this will give the company points when the application is rated and most Scandinavian furniture manufacturers have the green profile that gives these points.

Another reason why Scandinavian furnishings fit the Philippine market is the customs of Scandinavian furniture.

Joni Koro’s own business, GR N Design Solutions, is the regional partner for Denmark s largest office furniture manufacturer, Duba-B8 as well as for Finland-based silent space manufacturer Framery acoustics. For Joni Koro these brands are good examples on what Nordic furniture needs to offer in the Philippines.

Duba-B8 products are extremely ergonomic which begins to be a hot topic also in Asia. In this regard Scandinavians are the world leaders, Joni Koro discusses.

At the moment, the need for ergonomic, sustainable high-end furniture that Nordic brands often represent still comes primarily from the international business. This is to change.

Another very intriguing product is a movable quiet space from Finland. Framery quiet spaces address the noise problems at open plan and activity based offices. This company is growing four fold in 2012 the need around the world for their options is huge and we likewise see the prospective and require here in the Philippines.

Any challenges?

As there may be numerous reasons and conditions to take advantage of the market now, there are on the counterpoint challenges to be knowledgeable about.

The local need for high-end sustainable office furniture is still fairly limited and we can talk about specific niche market here. The cost matters, Joni Koro admits.

Even though the Philippines is closer to the western cultures as compared to many, or any, other Asian nation, the majority of the regional business still rely on cheap Chinese furniture and on layout design assistance specific work in cubicles instead of partnership and activity based working, he states.

The Philippines elected a new president the 9th of May 2016. The new guy in charge turned out to be Rodrigo Duterte, who is viewed as a highly questionable figure in Western media, generally because of his outspoken quotes on justice policy. The new political circumstance shouldn’t be a difficulties for the market, Joni Koro says:

In spite of a brand-new President in the country the principles are there. The development of the consumption driven economy is more fed by broadening Business Process Outsourcing sector as well as Overseas Filipino Workers remittances, which last year were the third largest on the planet, USD 26 billion. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is set to grow by 5 to 7 percent in the coming years. If Duterte does well with constructing the self-confidence towards foreign investors and can accelerate the infrastructure job the country could mature to 8 to 10 percent, so the economical scenario is still fertile.

The Scandinavian scenario

When over viewing the state of Scandinavian design in the Philippines in general, one senses that there’s a taste for it. Some widely known brand names are reacting to that and have actually already entered scene.

Popular business like BoConcept and Hay has actually opened stores with a help of regional partners. Republic of Fritz Hansen and some other family names can also be discovered in multi-brand design shops.

Joni Koro does his to open the marketplace for Scandinavian furniture through NBCP and GR N Solutions.

I want to bring genuine Nordic design and specifically quality to the Philippines first to the office market and soon after to the customer market too. I want to build an entrance for Nordic furniture and decor companies to enter the Philippine market.

Although the Scandinavian design and furniture mark in the Philippines is still relatively hidden, things are developing, Joni Koro says and hopes.

A big leap would be to get IKEA to the marketplace, he says. That would truly produce awareness of Scandinavia.

Do you have any advices to provide if one were to get into the Philippine market with Scandinavian design?

The need for high-end items in the consumer market is strong, but if you want to play it safe and develop the awareness of your brand gradually you must start with fast-moving products like decorations. If I ought to offer any recommendations you ought to of course do you research study as always, are committed to the market, and discover a credible local partner to work with to deal with retail constraints.